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Rock Honda tried BrakeStrip... "Turns out, it really did increase their Brake Flush business."

BG provides their customers Brake Fluid Test Strips to make sure vehicles have a safer, more reliable, longer lasting brake system.


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Over the past 10 years Phoenix Test Strips have been used to diagnose worn out Brake Fluid and Coolant in over 100 million vehicles.


National Service Providers have seen as much as a 900% increase in brake and coolant exchange business as a result of testing each vehicle over 30K miles with a brake and coolant test strip.

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1 out of every 2 vehicles on the road over 30K miles are in need of a brake fluid or coolant exchange. BrakeStrip and CoolantStrip provide Proof of the needed service.

How It Works


Phoenix Strips Work By Providing Scientific Proof

Phoenix test strips are manufactured in a medical grade facility. BrakeStrip determines the corrosion levels of brake fluid. High levels of corrosion are capable of causing brake failure during an emergency stop. Turning a close call into an accident. CoolantStrip determines the acidity level and freeze point of coolant. Acidic coolant causes the system to rust and plug the radiator and heater core. A plugged system quickly leads to overheating.


Why do brake fluid and coolant need to be changed?

Brake System Internal Corrosion

Overtime Brake Fluid wears out leaving the brake system vulnerable to corrosion. Of particular concern are the sensitive Antilock Brake System (ABS) components.

Cooling System Premature Failure

Overtime Coolant wears out. This leaves the cooling system vulnerable to overheating. Of particular concern is the radiator, water pump and heater core.

Get Your Ultimate Starter Kit

The Ultimate Starter Kit

Each Ultimate Starter Kit comes equipped with 100 Brake Fluid Test Strips and 100 Coolant Test Strips.

As part of this kit you also receive 2 ultra thick laminated point of sale explanation cards.

Only $99

The Ultimate Starter Kit provides your team with 2 laminated cards, 100 Brake Fluid test strips and 100 Coolant test strips. The starter kit has everything you need to double your service opportunities and generate an additional $3K to $5K in fluid exchange services. Worn or corrosive fluid needs to be changed to help prevent future breakdowns, improve safety and extend the life of critical vehicle parts.

Normally we charge $134.98 for the Ultimate Starter Kit, however right now you can get started for only $99 and for a limited time you can also take an additional 5% off and get free shipping by using the coupon code Take5Today.

100 Coolant Test Strips

Test Acid and Freeze Point

100 Brake Fluid Test Strips

Test Corrosion Levels